This is the course material for CISC 3620: Computer Graphics at Brooklyn College, as taught by Michael Mandel in Spring 2019.

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Topics (syllabus)

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Date Room Content Assignments Readings due
2019/01/30 5301IH
  • Introduction and Overview,
  • WebGL
2019/02/06 5301IH GLSL and Shaders HW1 Due Angel:Ch2
2019/02/13 5301IH Input and Interaction HW2 Due Angel:Ch2
2019/02/20 5301IH Geometry and Transformations Angel:Ch3
2019/02/27 5301IH Modeling and Viewing HW3 Due Angel:Ch4
2019/03/06 5301IH Projection Matrices and Shadows Angel:Ch5
2019/03/13 5301IH Lighting and Shading HW4 Due Angel:Ch5
2019/03/20 5301IH Midterm exam Angel:Ch6
2019/03/27 5301IH Buffers and Texture Mapping HW5 Due Angel:Ch7
2019/04/03 5301IH Discrete Techniques HW6 Due Angel:Ch7
2019/04/10 5301IH Off-Screen Rendering Angel:Ch7
2019/04/17 5301IH Hierarchy HW7 Due Angel:Ch9
2019/04/24 5301IH [No class]
2019/05/01 5301IH Implementation HW8 Due Angel:Ch8
2019/05/08 5301IH Curves and Surfaces Angel:Ch11
2019/05/15 5301IH [No class]
2019/05/22? 5301IH Final exam

Textbooks (buy)

Angel & Shreiner
E. Angel and D. Shreiner. Interactive Computer Graphics With WebGL, 7th Edition. Pearson, 2016. ISBN: 978-0133574845. (Required)
Shirley & Marschner
P. Shirley and S. Marschner. Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, 3rd Edition. CRC Press, 2009. (Optional)
Dunn & Parberry
F. Dunn and I. Parberry. 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development, 2nd Edition. CRC Press, 2011. (Optional)


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