Homework 6: Creative Scene

Please read the standard instructions for all assignments.


The goal of this assignment is for you to apply several of the computer graphics concepts we have learned in the course this semester. To do so, you will create a scene of your choosing that is either interactive (controlled by the user) or animated (moves on its own). Your scene should utilize as many as possible, but at least four, of the graphics concepts we have covered:

  1. modeling, particularly hierarchical
  2. material, lighting and shading
  3. changing camera position or shape
  4. textures and texture-mapping
  5. user interaction
  6. animation

While it would be hard to do everything on this list, you’d like to show a variety of skills. If you do an animation, the animation should have at least two independently moving objects (this could be two different arms of a robot, though).


Here are some examples of projects similar to this homework that would receive a good grade:

Here is a complete list of projects from our parent course.


In addition to the javascript code itself, you should also describe your scene on the HTML page of the codepen (after the demo itself). Your description should cover the features (see the list at the top of this page) that you demonstrated and maybe a few screen shots of really cool things.


The last day of class before the final will be devoted to project presentations. Since we have 40 students and 90 minutes, that works out to 2 minutes each. Each student will present their scene:

  1. Give a demo of your scene. Show the animation and/or interaction
  2. Describe any interesting aspects of the code, including tricks to get something working, interesting math, interesting implementation details, or nicely designed features
  3. Describe any problems that you ran into

No slides or powerpoint are necessary, just show us your codepen.

Submission and Security

Submit the URL to your pen via the dropbox on blackboard. Do not change your code after the deadline.

How you will be graded

Grading will be in terms of the following requirements:

  • (40%) Implementation of at least four of the topics named above
  • (10%) Completeness of description
  • (10%) Quality of presentation
  • (20%) Creativity of scene
  • (20%) Quality, cleanliness, and organization of code and documentation


This page is based on https://cs.wellesley.edu/~cs307/assignments/project.html. Copyright © Scott D. Anderson. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.