This is the course material for CISC 3620: Computer Graphics at Brooklyn College, as taught by Michael Mandel in Spring 2020. It heavily utilizes materials from Scott D. Anderson's course CS 307 at Wellesley College, which are released under a creative commons license.

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Topics (syllabus)

Note that this schedule might change, so check back frequently!

Date Room Content Assignments Due Links
01/28/20 IA-432 Course overview
01/30/20 IA-432 JavaScript and canvas drawing Read JavaScript Tutorial
02/04/20 IA-432 Canvas drawing Read Canvas Tutorial
02/06/20 IA-432 WebGL Three.js and the Barn Read Three.js tutorial
02/11/20 IA-432 Lab: WebGL Three.js and the Barn
02/13/20 IA-432 User controls Read user controls tutorial
02/18/20 IA-432 Color models Read Color and Parametric Line tutorial
02/20/20 IA-432 Instance transforms
02/25/20 IA-432 Nested transforms Read composite objects tutorial
02/27/20 IA-432 Geometry and transformations Read threejsfundamentals scene graph
03/03/20 IA-432 Geometry and transformations
03/05/20 IA-432 Parametric lines and triangle interpolation
03/10/20 IA-432 Cameras 1
03/12/20 [Instructional recess]
03/17/20 [Instructional recess]
03/19/20 BB Collab Midterm review
03/24/20 BB Collab Midterm review
03/26/20 BB Midterm exam
03/31/20 [Recalibration period]
04/02/20 BB Collab Materials and lighting 1 Read materials and lighting tutorial
04/07/20 [Wednesday schedule]
04/09/20 [Spring break]
04/14/20 BB Collab Materials and lighting 2 HW3 Camera Angles Due
04/16/20 BB Collab Material and lighting labs Read texture mapping tutorial 1
04/21/20 BB Collab Texture mapping 1 Read texture mapping tutorial 2
04/23/20 BB Collab Texture mapping 2
04/28/20 BB Collab Texture mapping 3
04/30/20 BB Collab Animation 1 Read animation tutorial 1
05/05/20 BB Collab Animation 2
05/07/20 BB Collab Shadows and anti-aliasing Read shadows and anti-aliasing tutorial
05/12/20 BB Collab Final review
05/14/20 BB Collab Project presentations HW6 Creative Scene Due
05/21/20 BB Final Exam 1-3pm

Textbooks (buy)

J. Dirksen. Learn Three.js: Programming 3D Animations And Visualizations For The Web With HTML5 And WebGL, 3rd Edition. Packt Publishing, 2018. ISBN: 978-1788833288. (Required)
Angel & Shreiner
E. Angel and D. Shreiner. Interactive Computer Graphics With WebGL, 8th Edition. Pearson, 2019. ISBN: 978-0135258262. (Optional)
Shirley & Marschner
P. Shirley and S. Marschner. Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, 3rd Edition. CRC Press, 2009. (Optional)
Dunn & Parberry
F. Dunn and I. Parberry. 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development, 2nd Edition. CRC Press, 2011. (Optional)


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The Dirksen Textbook is on sale for $5.
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