This is the course material for LING 78100: Methods in Computational Linguistics I at the CUNY Graduate Center, as taught by Michael Mandel in Fall 2017.

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Topics (syllabus)

Note that this schedule might change, so check back frequently!

Date Topic Assignments Readings
2017/08/28 Intro to computer programming, your first program -- Jupyter notebook from class
2017/09/04 [No class] HW1 posted
2017/09/11 Numerical processing, data types -- Jupyter notebook Ch1, Ch2, Ch3
2017/09/18 String and list processing -- Jupyter notebook Ch5
2017/09/25 String and file processing HW1 due Ch7
2017/10/02 Decision structures and objects Ch4
2017/10/09 [No class]
2017/10/16 Objects, graphics, functions [Guest lecture] HW2 due Ch6
2017/10/23 Functions, mutability, indefinite loops Ch8
2017/10/30 Booleans, random numbers, top-down design Ch9
2017/11/06 Defining classes HW3 due Ch10 except 10.6
2017/11/13 Data collections Ch11 except 11.4-5
2017/11/20 Object-oriented design
2017/11/27 Search, recursion HW4 due 13.1, 13.2
2017/12/04 Overview of computational linguistics, intro to machine learning
2017/12/11 Overview of computational linguistics, plotting with python
2017/12/18 [No class] HW5 due


  • Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science, by John Zelle, Third edition. Franklin Beedle & Associates publishers, 2017. ISBN: 978-1-59028-275-5.
  • Retail Price: $45
  • Note: It is important that you get the third edition of the textbook because this matches the version of of the Python programming language that we will be learning in this course and the questions that will appear on the homeworks.
  • The official website for the textbook has useful resources:


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