This is the course material for LING 83800: Methods in Computational Linguistics II at the CUNY Graduate Center, as taught by Michael Mandel in Spring 2020.

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Topics (syllabus)

Note that this schedule might change, so check back frequently!

Date Content Practicum Assignments Readings Due
01/31/20 Syllabus & motivations
02/07/20 Probability Probability practicum
02/14/20 Git Git practicum
02/21/20 Formal languages HW1 Due
02/28/20 Pynini exercises
03/13/20 [Instructional recess]
03/20/20 Language models handout Homework 2 practice
03/27/20 Naive Bayes practicum HW2 Due
04/03/20 HMM probability spreadsheet
04/10/20 [Spring break]
04/17/20 Perceptron practicum
04/24/20 Project lab HW4 example from class Resnik & Lin 2010
05/01/20 Anagram practicum HW4 Due Johnson 2014
05/08/20 Project lab Gorman & Johnson 2013
05/15/20 Project presentations HW3 Due (Optional extra credit)
05/22/20 Project papers due

Textbooks (buy)

Chacon & Straub
Chacon, S., and Straub, B. 2014. Pro Git. 2nd edition. Apress. Online.
Jelinek, F. 1997. Statistical methods for speech recognition. MIT Press.
Jurafsky & Martin
Jurafsky, D., and Martin, J. H. 2019. Speech and language processing. 3rd edition. Pearson. Online.
Manning & Schütze
Manning, C. D., and Schütze, H. 1999. Foundations of statistical natural language processing. MIT Press.
Partee et al
Partee, B. H., ter Meulen, A., and Wall, R. E. 1993. Mathematical methods in linguistics. 2nd edition. Kluwer Academic Publishers.
Roark & Sproat
Roark, B. and Sproat, R. 2007. Computational approaches to morphology and syntax. Oxford University Press.


I have delayed the due dates for homeworks 1 and 2 by one week.
Welcome to class, the course website has not quite been updated for this semester yet.