This is the course material for CSC 83060: Speech and Audio Understanding at the CUNY Graduate Center, as taught by Michael Mandel in Fall 2016.

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Topics (syllabus)

Note that this schedule might change, so check back frequently!

Date Topic Assignments Readings
2016/08/26 Introduction
Part I: Fundamentals
2016/09/02 Digital signal processing
2016/09/09 [No class: Interspeech]
2016/09/16 Acoustics
2016/09/23 Auditory perception
2016/09/30 Machine Learning and Neural networks
  • Review: Deng and Yu, 2014 Deep learning (Chapter 7 only: applications to speech and audio)
  • Zhaoheng: Lee et al, 2009 Unsupervised feature learning for audio classification
2016/10/07 Project proposal presentations
2016/10/14 [No class: Tuesday schedule]
Part II: Core machine listening topics
2016/10/21 Speech models and speech synthesis
2016/10/28 Speech recognition front ends
(features, acoustic modeling, noise robustness)
2016/11/04 Speech recognition back ends
(language modeling, search, finite state transducers)
2016/11/11 Music analysis and modeling
2016/11/18 Source separation and spatial sound
2016/11/25 [No class: Thanksgiving]
2016/12/02 Environmental sound analysis
2016/12/09 Final project presentations Final project assignment
2016/12/16 Final papers due (no class) Final project assignment

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