This is the course material for CISC 7610: Multimedia Databases at Brooklyn College, as taught by Michael Mandel in Spring 2016.

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Topics (syllabus)

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Date Topic Assignments Readings
Part I: Multimedia Databases
2016/02/01 Introduction to multimedia databases Th:1, W:1
2016/02/08 Review of relational databases HW1 Assigned Th:Appendix B, W:2
2016/02/15 [No class, president's day]
2016/02/22 Multimedia data and data formats HW1 Due Th:3, W:4, Optional: JPEG tutorial, H.264 tutorial
2016/02/29 Approaches to multimedia databases Th:4, W:12, Stajano, Optional: SLAC CIDR 05
2016/03/07 Distributed multimedia DBs HW2 Assigned Th:7
2016/03/14 Midterm review (was Multimedia DB architectures and performance issues) Th:5, Th:6, Ts:3, Ts:23, Ts:24
2016/03/21 Midterm exam
Part II: Multimedia information retrieval
2016/03/28 Principles of content-based retrieval M:1, M:8, R:2, Th:8, Th:C
2016/04/04 Evaluating retrieval, Text retrieval M:2, M:6, Th:9.1, Th:9.2, W:9
2016/04/11 Image retrieval Project proposals due Th:9.3, W:5, W:6, R:3
2016/04/18 Speech and music retrieval Th:9.5, W:8
2016/04/25 [No class, spring break]
2016/05/02 Speech and music retrieval Th:9.4, Optional: Video retrieval survey
2016/05/09 Video retrieval
2016/05/16 Project presentations Final projects due


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