This is the course material for CISC 1600: Introduction to Multimedia Computing at Brooklyn College, as taught by Michael Mandel in Fall 2015.

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Topics (syllabus)

Note that this schedule might change, so check back frequently!

Date Lecture Lab Assignments Additional material
Unit I: Introduction to Web Programming and Web Design
2015/09/02 Introduction, HTML5 Lab 1: HTML5
2015/09/09 HW1 Assigned
2015/09/16 Web design
2015/09/23 [No class]
Unit II: Interactive Programming & Graphics
2015/09/30 Lab 3: JavaScript
2015/10/07 Internet and WWW Midterm review slides Practice midterm
2015/10/14 Midterm exam
2015/10/21 Graphics in Processing Lab 4: Graphics in Processing
2015/10/28 Animation and interactivity in Processing Lab 5: Processing Interactivity and Animation Proj 2 Assigned Proj 2 examples:
2015/11/04 Objects and arrays in Processing Lab 6: Processing animation, objects, and arrays
Unit III: Game Programming
2015/11/11 Lab 7: Scratch
2015/11/18 Game design Lab 8: Scratch 2
2015/11/25 Game state, Game math Lab 9: State machines in games HW 2 Due
Unit IV: Agents, Simulations and Visualizations
2015/12/02 Agent-based programming Lab 10: NetLogo
2015/12/09 Practice final Review slides
2015/12/16 Final exam, 6-8pm Proj 4 Due on the 15th!


Project 3 is due via blackboard on 12/2
Homework 2 is due via blackboard on 11/25
The deadline for project 2 has been extended by a week to 11/18
Extra credit assignment described in Lecture 9. Basically, you can get extra credit for turning in the optional challenges to the labs.
Past examples of project 2 have been posted
Project 2 has been posted and is due before class starts on 11/11
Project 1 is due before class starts at 6:30pm
I have re-arranged the order of the units. We'll go into processing for interactive programming and graphics, and then to games from there.
Midterm today