This is the course material for CISC 1600: Introduction to Multimedia Computing at Brooklyn College, as taught by Michael Mandel in Spring 2018.

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Topics (syllabus)

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Date Room Content Assignments Additional
Unit I: Introduction to Web Programming and Web Design
2018/01/30 Tu 1105N Lecture 1.1: Introduction and HTML5
2018/02/01 Th 5301N Lab 1.1: HTML5
2018/02/06 Tu 1105N Lecture 1.2: Cascading style sheets (CSS)
2018/02/08 Th 5301N Lab 1.1 Due
2018/02/13 Tu 1105N Lecture 1.3: Web design HW1 Assigned
2018/02/15 Th 1105N Lecture 1.4: Web design part 2 Lab 1.2 Due
2018/02/20 Tu [No class – Monday schedule]
Unit II: Game Programming and simulation
2018/02/22 Th 1105N Lecture 2.1: Intro to Scratch HW1 Due Visual programming google doodle
2018/02/27 Tu 5301N Lab 2.1: Scratch
2018/03/01 Th 1105N Lecture 2.2: Physics and scratch tips Scratch Tutorials
2018/03/06 Tu 5301N Lab 2.2: Scratch 2 Scratch project examples
2018/03/08 Th 1105N Lecture 2.3: Game state
2018/03/13 Tu 5301N Lab 2.3: State machines in games Lab 2.2 Due
2018/03/15 Th 1105N Practice midterm Midterm review slides
2018/03/20 Tu 1105N Midterm exam
2018/03/22 Th 1105N Lecture 2.4: Game design Lab 2.3 Due
Unit III: Interactive Programming, Graphics, Visualization
2018/03/27 Tu 1105N Lecture 3.1: Intro to Processing
2018/03/29 Th 5301N Lab 3.1: Intro to Processing Proj 2 Due
2018/04/03 Tu [No class – spring break]
2018/04/05 Th [No class – spring break]
2018/04/10 Tu 1105N Lecture 3.2: Animation and Interactivity in Processing
2018/04/12 Th 5301N Lab 3.2: Interactivity in Processing: Guest Lab 3.1 Due Note: 4/18 – last day to drop a course with W
2018/04/17 Tu 1105N Lecture 3.3: Objects and arrays in Processing Processing project examples
2018/04/19 Th 5301N Lab 3.3: Processing animation objects and arrays Lab 3.2 Due
2018/04/24 Tu 1105N Lecture 3.4: Internet and WWW HW 2 Due Article on the first email
2018/04/26 Th 1105N Lecture 3.5: Introduction to JavaScript Lab 3.3 Due Mozilla Javascript developer guide
2018/05/01 Tu 5301N Lab 3.4: Introduction to JavaScript
2018/05/03 Th 1105N Lecture 3.6: Programming languages
2018/05/08 Tu 1105N
2018/05/10 Th 5301N Lab 3.5: Scratch in Processing Lab 3.4 Due
2018/05/15 Tu 1105N Practice final Proj 3 Due
2018/05/24 Th 1105N Final exam – 1:00-3:00pm


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